Plant one kind of vegetable in each cell-pack. To determine the proper depth follow the directions on the back of the seed packet. Retain seed packets for later reference. Plant a few seeds in each cell to ensure germination of at least one healthy individual.greenhouse2.jpg

Label each cell-pack with the name and variety of vegetable and the date planted. Use another label to mark the name of the child who planted the seeds. Record planting dates on the calendar.

Water lightly and thoroughly with a misting-water bottle. Create a cover for each cell-pack using a one-gallon plastic storage bag and a twisty-tie.

Place each planted cell pack on the grow light shelves. Lights should be no more than 2”-4” above the covers of the cell trays.

For more information on starting seeds in covered 6-cell packs click here.

Maintaining proper soil moisture before sprouting:
Check the cell-packs regularly. If the surface of the soil dries out, seeds planted in the medium – after initially being watered – will die. Any time the surface looks dry, open the covers and spray as needed with the misting-water bottle. The plastic storage bags or the cell tray covers should look foggy. The potting soil should be visible through the covers. If the plastic cover is too moist (dripping with water and can’t be seen through), remove briefly, monitor, and cover again when the covers are foggy; but be sure the soil has not dried on the surface.seedlings2.jpg

Maintaining proper light before sprouting:
Lights need to remain on overnight. Check daily for sprout growth, adjusting the grow lights upward as needed.

Checking regularly to confirm seed sprouting:
Know the number of days to germination. Some seeds sprout within a few days; some need almost three weeks to germinate. Check the “When to Plant – How to Plant” table on page 71 of the handbook, the quick reference guide and the back of the seed pack for information on germination time. When each cell in a cell-pack has a visible sprout, carefully remove the plastic cover. Readjust the Grow Lights to be no greater than 2-4” above the tops of the sprouts.

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