Mission Hill School is located in Roxbury and joined SLUG in the fall of 2008. Since then the gardening efforts have taken off, and now have a host of plants both indoor and out. Mission Hill has had a number of Site Coordinators in the past, the most recent of which is Andrew Breck, a teacher naturalist placed at Mission Hill through Mass Audubon.

Mission Hill's indoor garden flourishes year round. These pictures are from the Spring 2010 growing season.
missionhill6.jpg missionhill7.jpg missionhill8.jpg

Mission Hill makes use of some season extension materials supplied by SLUG. These students are able to grow in to the colder months through the help of the pop-up greenhouse.
external image 4627305772_9a10988a20_o.jpgexternal image 4627305888_7371189ca3_o.jpg
Students help to set up pop-up greenhouses to help plants keep warm during early spring.

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