Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary school has many classes participating in the SLUG program. SLUG at Holmes is led by site coordinator Paula Pickett.

Sheila Johnson's class gardens indoor under lights. To the left is her root viewing experiment where the class is growing Carrots. To the right students plants reach for the light.

Holmes Elementary school has many displays of their planting prowess throughout the building. Below are a few examples.

Paula Pickett, Site Coordinator and Librarian for them Holmes School, leads her class in a planting activity. Earlier in the year she conducted an experiment with her class to see what types of food worms liked. Ms. Pickett placed pumpkin and apples into the bin at the same time and came back a few weeks later to find that the pumpkin had been devoured but many pieces of apple remained. However, the worms didn't eat the pumpkin seeds! The seeds had sprouted, so Ms. Pickett decided to plant them into larger pots with her class.
Students fill up their planting pots with soil.
Above, students fill their pots with soil and plant their seedlings.
decomposed newspaper and

Students look through decomposed newspaper and worms.