School Year 2012--2013


We have been selected to be a Seed School. We have 7 teachers who are to participating


Wendy from SLUG came for her first visit. She brought with her garlic, brassica and lettuce plants, straw, and composted chicken manure. Teachers Brent Raymond, Karen Webber, Richard Gosselin, and Teresa Strong cleared up two long abandoned planters and put the plants into them. We covered one of the planters with a season extender tent


Mr. Raymond's class harvest lettuce for their salad!



We now have 6 worm bins composting food scraps in the school. They are being used to supplement Kindergarten "Animals 2x2 unit," the 1st grade "Organisms" unit, the 2nd grade Pebbles, Sand, and Silt" and "New Plants" units, as well as the 5th grade "Ecosystems" unit. In the Spring they will be used to supplement the 3rd grade "Structures of Lfe" unit and the 4th grade "Animal Studies" unit. There are many curriculum connections. We are also using vinegar fly traps around the school and they have definitely controlled the fruit fly issue.

Ms. Webber's students re-potted their marigold plants in water bottles redesigned with a wicking system, just in time or Christmas. These plants were started in October from seeds pulled from dried marigold flowers.


Ms. Price's students gently transplant mesclun salad greens into milk carton with wick systems. The plants were started from seed by Ms. Price during the SLUG October workshop.



Our outside vegetables are still going strong as of December 14, even though we keep taking leaves