We have created powerpoint presentations to help guide you through all aspects of the growing process. Basic infomation on growing techniques are available in the handbook. These are meant as supplemental information to help walk you through every aspect of seed to harvest. The pdfs with notes contain notes on what you should be doing in each step. The presentations without notes are just the headlines and images. These can be projected onto the wall for the entire class to follow along.


Seed Start 6-Cell
Sow seeds and set up mini greenhouses to keep your six-packs at the proper moisture level.
With Notes Without Notes

Seed starting a large communal pot
Learn how to sow several seeds in one large pot.
With notes Without Notes

Set up indoor lights
Piece together your indoor grow lights.
With Notes Without Notes

Set up water wick system
A useful technique to keep plants watered over long weekends.
With Notes Without Notes

Transplant seedlings to a larger pot
When and how to transplant seedlings.
With Notes Without Notes

Clean up plants & recycle potting soil
What to do with dead plants and used potting soil.
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Set Up Popup Greenhouse
How to properly install your removable greenhouse.
With Notes Without Notes

Set up a Dormant Bed
How to prepare your outdoor beds for the winter months.
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