Neighborhood: Mattapan
Site Coordinator: Cameron Dominick

A longtime SLUG School, at the Chittick, they focus their energies on two aspects of the SLUG program--indoor and outdoor gardening.
This past Spring, they started plants indoors that were later transplanted outside to one of the school's 4 multilevel 4x8 garden beds.
The beans got a great start in the grow lab!
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In the Spring of 2011 the Chittick starts their seeds inside to get a jump on the growing season.

In November/December the outdoor SLUG program is winding down.
Chittick_fall_10.jpg chittick_fall_10_2.jpg
Evidence of a great year is shown on the Outdoor Learning Log. Look at those squash!

The Spring of 2010 found classrooms gardening both indoors and out.
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Students at the Chittick school garden indoors. They have had tremendous success with growing beans indoors, some of them have even produced some fairly large beans!
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There is a space in the hallway where observations from the outdoor classroom are displayed.
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Outdoors, Mr. Dominick plants seeds and transplants with his class.
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Summer 2007 at the Chittick school garden